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Friday, August 12, 2011

this is so sweet :)

me : you realy love him ? i mean adi ><'
alia : i love being around him . when i hear his voice i'm home . when i look his eyes i get butterflies everytime  .i feel like luckiest girl in the world . when we kiss . it perfect . i can be doing nothing without him . when he hold my hand it almost impossible for me to let go . i'm empty without him . absolulety empty .
me : ok :')

alia : you know what ?
me:what ?
alia : i want to kiss him until he smile
me :  :')

alia wish  : i leave this world with one thing . i know it sure . i know what it is . it's that i knew . i loved you . even it is was just for a one night :')
 -i know that my love was true and i wished you loved me too :)

*okey first time aku dengar dia wish macam ni sebelum tidur . alia you realy love him . hm . i harap dia akan hargai you sayang . :D <3 <3 <3 you sweet gila <3

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